Get Your Accounts Professionally Made

We aim to provide you with the very best accounting service. We can take care of your accounts whether you are a sole trader who is self employed or an incorporated business.

Our aim is one hundred percent customer satisfaction to customers in Great Barr every time. We are honest, pleasant to deal with, knowledgeable and approachable.

We can help you with all of your tax and accountancy needs as well as great value for money. Our range of services includes:

We can help you at any stage of your business cycle from start-ups and company formation to Company Tax Returns and Pensions Auto Enrolment.

Running your own businesses a freelancer, contractor, owner or company director brings plenty of challenges. Let us take the burden of accountancy and taxation away form you so that you can concentrate on running your business. We will be happy to look after your needs no matter how large or small your business is.

Why Choose Us

Our ethos is focused on customer satisfaction and we take pride in doing all that we can to help you fell relaxed and supported in all of your tax matters. Our role is to take all of the form filling and tax related burdens away from you by giving you confidence in our service.

We have the expertise to ensure that you can feel confident in leaving tax and accountancy matters to us. There are so many changes and updates in areas like payroll and VAT that you are best leaving it all to experts who deal with all of these matters every day.

Maybe you are considering changing from your existing accountant but you are worried that it will be a lot of hassle. Please be reassured that we can handle the switch for you and we will make it easy and simple.

We realise that not everyone is an accountant so we try our very best to use plain English and avoid all fo the jargon in accountancy and taxation.

Get In Touch With Us

You may well have lots of questions to ask so please give us a call on 0774 921 1349 or complete the simple contact form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

The Duties of an Accountant

Accountants undertake the work involved in preparing and submitting all of the legally required accounting and tax returns that every business or self employed person is required to complete and submit. This involves dealing with not only HMTC but also Companies House where a registered Company is involved.

The accountant will keep track of al the cash flow and financial operations of a business and the relate this back to the owners or directors so that they can maintain an understanding of the business's financial standing and health. The financial records which an accountant prepares will also enable the owners of the business to make informed decisions about the business and, therefore, help to maintain its continued good well being.

This information will include calculating all of the taxes due and ensuring that they are paid on time.

Why a Small Business Needs an Accountant

It is surprising just how many small businesses do not succeed and fail within the first couple of years. Very often, this is due to a lack of financial management. The business could have been a success if only the owner had had a better grasp of the finances. Allowing us look after your books when starting a new venture may not guarantee success but the experience and knowledge as well as the practical support that an accountant brings to a new venture cannot be over emphasised.

an accountant working

Whilst accountants look after the tax side of things and make sure that you file everything where you should when you should, they do a great deal more. Cash flow is crucial to a business and your accountant can produce a forecast for you so that you can avoid possible pitfalls and will also keep an eye on it as the months go by to ensure that you stay on the right path. Poorly managed cash flow has been the downfall of many businesses small and large.

You may believe that you can make a saving on the fees that you will be charged if you employ an accountant and that you can just put in the effort to go it alone but there is so much to keep abreast of and lots to go wrong that we believe that there is no real saving and that you will have a healthier, stronger business if you use an accountant from the outset.

Claim All of Your Expenses

The end of the tax year is a really busy time and there is every chance that you will be under plenty of time pressure just from running your business. It is very easy to forget claim on some expenses or allowances which you did not think to apply for. Using our service will make sure that nothing is lost and that you claim all that is rightfully yours.

Reduce the Chances of a Tax Inspection

Submitting timely, professionally produced and presented accounts can only help to reduce the chance of being selected for a tax investigation by HMRC. Furthermore, an accountant deals all the time with the Local Inspector of Taxes and will have the experience to help you avoid making excessive claims or write-offs which will attract the attention of the HMRC. An accountant is not just here to help if you get a Tax Inspection, he or she will help you to avoid one in the first place.

And that is a lot of time consuming stress that you will feel best avoided.

Reduce Time Spent on Bookkeeping - and Stay Sane!

There is enough for you to do already in running your business. You probably have enough hassle deal with, too! Let us take all of the time and energy that it takes to keep all of the books up to date or doing your PAYE and VAT put that to better use in your day to day work.

It will help you be less hassled and less stressed, too.

Being Supported When Making Choices

There are times when you have high business to make. This could be employing staff or taking advantage of a new opportunity. An accountant can offer you some great advice when making these decisions. They will know your business, what the cash and profit situation is as well as how things are shaping up over the next few months. Talking the options through with your accountant when you are taking decisions can give you the benefit of your accountant's experience and knowledge and ell to lead you to make the right choices at the right time.

Your Business's Future

It is very easy to become so engrossed in the every-day running of your enterprise that you do not always see the bigger picture. Your accountant can produce reports and give insight to your business's seasonal changes and take a view on the bigger picture for you. This can help you to see the way ahead your self and help you plan your next move, when it is the right time to invest in stock or to budget for expensive investments that could enhance the longevity of your business.

How We Can Help You

Many business owners can find themselves isolated and frustrated, especially at the end of the financial year when faced with a box full of receipts and a HMRC Tax Return to complete. You can reduce that burden and get on with your business if you let us hands make light work." Allow us to provide the helping hand for your tax and financial matters.

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